Thursday, October 2, 2008

Twin Crashings: A comparison of the 1929 and 2008 Yankees

1929: Yanks win 87 games.
2008: Yanks win 89 games.

1929: First time in three years, out of running.
2008: First time in 14 years, out of running.

1929: Yanks finish 18 games out.
2008: Yanks finish 8 games out.

1929: Led by 34-year-old power hitter Babe Ruth. (46 HR)
2008: Led by 32-year-old power hitter Alex Rodriguez. (35 HR)

1929 character: Old pitchers... George Pipgras (29), Waite Hoyt (29), Herb Pennock (35), Ed Wells (29), Tom Zachary (33)
2008 character: Old pitchers... Mike Mussina (39), Andy Pettitte (36), Sidney Ponson (31), Mariano Rivera (38), Carl Pavano (32)

1929 situation: Wall Street crash leads to Great Depression.
2008 situation: Wall Street crash leads to ...?


Anonymous said...

Great research idea.

This also suggests that in approximately 12 years, someone is going to bomb Pearl Harbor.

Not sure it will be the Japanese, as they are holding too much of our debt.

Anonymous said...

By the way, that second picture is of a bunch of guys standing in line to buy Halo II.

Anonymous said...

Ghost: That is why the Japanese are going to bomb is the repo-man of the 2020s. Think about it. We don't pay our debts, 3500 seamen get snuck. Get it?