Holy Crap! IT IS HIGH is - gulp - almost old enough to drink!

Holy Crap! IT IS HIGH is - gulp - almost old enough to drink!
Wish us happy birthday.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Future Yanks Take Lead Over Redsocks

(That's Tampa, for the Cynically-Deficient)

Gotta believe Rocco Baldelli will play CF for us. His contract is coiming due. The NoPay Rays won't keep him. ETA: 2009.

Evan Longora? Not soon, because of our -- ahem -- unfortunate Arod clot at 3B. ETA: 2014.

Garza. Not sure about his contract. In the spirit of the Presidential campaign, I'm doing no research. Let's just say he didn't hurt his chances for a boat today. ETA: 2010.

Dioneer Navarro. Hey, the Randy Johnson trade will nag at us until this man returns to us. ETA: 2011.

Carl Crawford? I don't know why, but I just think of him as an Angel.

Oh, hell, just sign them, Hank. Do what you do well. Write checks.


Anonymous said...

Garza will be available for 2012 as a FA, he doesnt have a contract.

and B.J. Upton will be available as a FA for the 2011 season. at the ripe old age of 25. :) Thanks Rays! :) :) :)

We will make a blockbuster trade for Evan Longora in a few years. or someone will. Hes too valuable to stay in that dump for any amount of time. Watch Cashman draft next year just for that trade. Whatever the Rays need.

Rocco Baldelli has that disease. He only plays like 30 games a year. I dont think its getting any better either. Shame. Maybe he can have a DH career. Not sure if he can handle it.

And dont let Crawfords neck tattoos scare you. Only problem is he has sub 10 mil options for 09 and 10. Rays are going to look for a trade next year and we have an aging OF. Carl fits our timeline so he probably will get the Rays a decent Yankee offer.

Anonymous said...

change "we have an aging OF" to "we have an aged OF".


Anonymous said...


Jeter SS
Texiera 1B
Longoria 3B
Arod LF
BJ Upton RF
Jesus Montero C
Cano replacement 2B
Ajax CF