Wednesday, October 15, 2008

State of Blog Comment of the Day

From Shamus...

I love the fact that Big Papi has turned into the Big Pop Out.

I love the fact old man Lowell is on an operating table somewhere in the back of Satriale's Meat Market.

I love the fact we've barely had to bare witness to the court jester, town idiot, drunken dancing poopstick, Jonathan Papelbon.

I love the fact that Beckett's postseason ERA is no longer mentioned in the same breath as Mo Rivera's post season ERA.

I love the fact Schill is home, eating bonbons, chasing his wife around the trailer everytime ED commercials pop on during games.

Most of all, I love knowing I won't see that vampire, that Snake of a Human, John Henry, crying with his gay lover, El Theo (the all-white team builder) as a WS trophy is being handed to them by the ex used-car salesman, Buddy.

Go Yankees....

Sign CC....!

Sign Tex....!

Trade for a real CF....!

Send Giambi, Abreu packing...

#27 in 2009



Anonymous said...

and pray Posada can still throw.

michael kei said...

well said Shamus

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys...

This is hands down the best NYY site on the web.

All hail IIH, IIF, IIc!