Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hank Steinbrenner vows to keep his steady hand on the tiller

Their Japanese import: Dice-K. Ours: Igawa.

Their emerging CF: Ellsbury. Ours: Melky.

Their former Marlin: Beckett. Ours: Pavano.

Their hustling 2B: Pedroia. Ours: Cano.

Their bullpen free agent: Okajima. Ours: LaTroy Hawkins.

Their long-awaited emerging LH starter: Jon Lester. Ours: Sean Henn.

Their young SS: Lowrie. Ours: Alberto Gonzalez.

Their wallbanger: Youkilis. Ours: Abreu.

Their October: Full. Ours: ____


Anonymous said...

Just for torment sake,

Alberto Gonzalez put up Jeter like numbers for the Nationals for his half a season there.

Ron said...

Just to clarify, he put up those "Jeter like" numbers in 49 at bats over 17 games. In 1843 ABs over 5 seasons in the minors, his numbers were .276/.327/.383