Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nature Provides What Selig Denies: A World Series Game That Will End In Time for a 9-Year-Old to See Who Won

Imagine that: For the first time in memory, East Coast kids can actually watch the ending of a weeknight World Series game.

Thank you, Lord, for raining on Bud Selig.

Don't worry: I'm not reheating that rancid TV dinner of a controversy about how the miserly Lords of Baseball will piss away the next generation by scheduling World Series games too late at night.

Nope. Truth is, it doesn't matter. The billionaires have been fucking things up for 30 years, but the fans just keep coming, and the lesson's learned: There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- they can do to screw up the cash cow that is the Major League Baseball. Nothing. All they have to do is what they do best: Pass it on to their sons and daughters.
Thus, last week, you went to bed in the seventh inning, wondering who would win -- Tampa, Boston, Philly, what was the other team again?, oh, whatever -- and read who won in the morning paper.

But tonight... ahhh... tonight!

Due to a confluence of bad umps, no clutch hitting and the weather gods... we get to watch a worknight game and see who wins.

Enjoy it. Did we ever think we'd live long enough to see this day?

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Bman said...

I'm 26 years old and I have trouble staying up for some of these games!