Holy Crap! IT IS HIGH is - gulp - almost old enough to drink!

Holy Crap! IT IS HIGH is - gulp - almost old enough to drink!
Wish us happy birthday.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Swift Boat Yankeefans for Truth: Can you trust Ian Kennedy?

Well, can you? The fate of the world may depend upon it.

Or, then again, it might not.

But are you willing take the risk?


Anonymous said...

This is the nastiest offseason we have ever had. I pray for the 'empire' when the FA negotiations begin and Boras gets in on this.

Anonymous said...

No need to pray for the stupid empire run by a couple of stupid heirs who thought they understood baseball.
Pray for the fans.

Anonymous said...

"Can you trust Ian Kennedy?"
What a question to ask in the era of Trust Bankruptcy.
Right now, the only thing I have faith in is Roy Halladay.

Anonymous said...

I don't have trust. I don't have faith.

But I have one firm belief: that Sarah Palin's nomination represents an embarassment to this country.

Her appointment by J. Mc Cain proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he, " has snakes in his head," from the torture he endured in Vietnam.

It is simply not anything short of insanity that a person of his stature and experience could realistically consider Sarah as a viable, prospective ( and immediate, should anything untowards befall Mr. McCain )leader for this nation.

The US is currently in the most complex world circumstance we have encountered since WWII, and we need intelligence, vision, knowledge, wisdom and " calm " to deal with it, not a hockey mom who has been purged of withcraft demons, and believes we had dinosaurs in Wyoming only 4000 years ago.

What has become of us, that anyone could believe she is more qualified for the VP office than, say, Paris Hilton?

In this connection, I only trust Ian Kennedy's appeal for daytime TV roles.