Friday, October 17, 2008

OK, give 'em credit: They're not what we were.

They were down 7-0, seventh inning, and nobody expected a game six.

All season -- this hurts to say, damn, it just sucks -- when we fell behind by much thinner margins, we tanked.

It's not that we quit. Actually, it's worse. We locked up, we gulped, we trembled, we started noticing first row cleavage, we started watching ourselves lose, as if there was nothing we could do to stop it.

Didn't matter who we played. Once behind, we lost.

The Redsocks are the team the Yankees proved not to be.

This has nothing to do with talent.

It goes to the core of a team and the men who lead it.

For some teams, losing is not an option.

For the 2008 Yankees, it was Plan B.

On that note, here is a thought for the day.

You cannot buy hunger.

You cannot buy greatness.

We can't spend our way out of this mess.

That's exactly how we got here.


michael kei said...

Soooo... cloning time? Maybe a year 2000 Jeter? A 1998 Brosius? Can't buy it but maybe we can grow it

(duque, didn't you have a post saying we should create a team of Jeter clones?)

Anonymous said...

I give them zero credit. Joe Maddon either had a stroke last night or threw the game. There is no way you let 2 pitchers give up a 7 run lead in an elimination game in the post season. There is no way you let 2 lefties hit home runs with men on base when you have 2 power lefty relievers in your pen.

He threw the game.