Sunday, May 4, 2008

ATT. HANK: Why isn't John doing TV?

Our hero ought to be doing the YES broadcasts.

Let's assess the current crew: MIchael ("If You See") Kay is a trouble-maker with a big mouth and should be announcing Blue Light specials at Kay-Mart (get it?); Paulie ought to be the guest of honor at baseball card shows (or open up a restaurant with his sister); Flaherty is too intelligent; and we're thrilled to have Murcer back.

It's time to bring Sterling up to the Bigs! He's ready. And he can take
Suzyn with him, too. No problem. Let's do it!


Sean said...

I agree, you rule. My father loves you as well and he's been a Yankee fan since the 50's.

Anonymous said...

Father's Day is coming up, so make sure he feels the love, too, Sean.

michael kei said...

Michael Kay right? Not Michael Kei.

Anonymous said...

Micheal Kei is an asset.

Michael "If You See" Kay is a liability.

michael kei said...

Whitey's using accounting terms. I feel like a number!

Anonymous said...

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.