Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jeez Jolteths Number Four

Future DH/Savior Jesus Montero hitteth His fourth HR today at Charleston.
He's batting .326, second in the league in RBIs.
He's 18. Two years ago, He was our biggest Latin signing.
On a scouting power scale that runs from 20 to 80, He scored 80.
He came to bat once in spring training with the big team. Jesus hit a home run.
All He needs to do is learn to catch.


michael kei said...

20 to 80. Kind of interesting. Who figured that one out?

Anonymous said...

This particular Jesus is so large a man ( myth ) that he makes Carlton Fisk look like Homer Bush.

There is a steel foundry in Indiana that is charged with making his catcher's gear. They won the jobe because of their experience forging the grill work for the " Big Dodge Pickups ."

Think catcher's mask here.

I worry that he can ever really catch or throw.

Do we really need another DH when our best catching prospect is that Stewart boy?

Go Jesus.