Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Al Yazeera Letter to the Editor

In Sunday's Boston Globe.

Keep Yankees curse alive - vote GOP

SINCE 1972, when George Steinbrenner made an illegal campaign contribution to Richard Nixon (for which he was subsequently pardoned), the Yankees have not won a World Series when a Republican was president. The Yankees have won when Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton was in office. Any true Red Sox fan should vote for the Republican presidential candidate to prevent the Yankees from obtaining another World Series ring. This would make Massachusetts a Red (Sox) state.


IT IS HIGH Response:

Dear Mr. Drunker,

You're right.
As we have argued, the last 8 years are totally linked to the administration of George W. Bush.

Thank you for making our case.

Everyone wishing for another 4 years of peace and prosperity should root against the Yankees in 2008.

Your friends,


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