Monday, April 14, 2008

Exclusive: We know what's buried under the old Yankee Stadium

What's all the hubbub over the Ortiz jersey? Stuff is buried under stadiums all the time. (Insert Jimmy Hoffa joke here.)

The IT IS HIGH I-Team has uncovered (insert laugh at cheap pun here) the dirt on some of the items known to be buried under Yankee Stadium!
Babe Ruth's body double -- Ruth the Babe!
Hideki Irabu's career!
The very "friendly" fan mentioned on page 176 of "Ball Four"!

Robert Merrill's kids!

The security guards from section 118, luge!

A haunted D-Train car!
No wait, that's redundant. They're all haunted. Make that ...
A D-Train car!
The Yankee offense!

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michael kei said...

Is that last picture of Joe (insert last name here)?