Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Running On Empty

Edwar and I have about had it.

As you know, we have been touting the merits of Phil and Ian since day one. Our vow was to have a beer everytime Ian or Phil gave up a hit, walked a batter, allowed an earned run, or took a "L."

The purpose of this arcane position was to " take one for the team." Knowing how good these two top prospects are, we figured we would both lose weight from an extended "dry period" with respect to hops and malts.

Well, when you consider the value of the dollar down here in South Mexico, we are now broke and fat if not still thirsty.

Tonight, Phil Hughes picks up from the two plus innings of shutout ball he threw prior to the rainout in Cleveland. Or Chicago.

Edwar is looking more and more like Boomer Wells, but he is hanging in there and, yesterday, played every position in an 11-8 loss to the desert caballeros, from Mazatlan.

His cell phone remains on direct dial from Mr. Cashman. But he still has only the one pitch which, as we all know, he sometimes has trouble locating.

Four new cases of cervesa ( sp?) arrive at noon today, and we'll have a few pre-game chugs just to move Phil along in his quest for getting win number one for the Wii generation of Yankees, hopefully before the all star break.

Go Yankis !!!!


michael kei said...

Send those bottles up here. I'll get the deposit and send the money back down.

Bostowned said...


Mexico + Mexican beer = many bowel movements.

Wailin' Suzyn said...


What inning of which game was that photo from?


Anonymous said...

Mucho cerveza -> el baƱo