Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Forbes: Yanks Worth One Week of Iraq War

They valued us at $1.3 billion.

One week over there.

Meanwhile, selling the KC Royals wouldn't get you a day of fighting door-to-door in Utica.

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Wailin' Suzyn said...

The mobile phone market in the United Kingdom in 2006 was valued at $1.3 billion.

The Pakistani navy buys three submarines for $1.3 billion

Lenovo pays $1.3 billion for rights to install Microsoft software on Chinese PCs.

Digital movie downloads will be worth $1.3 billion in biz by 2001.

European oil barons win rights to offshore Nigerian oil fields for $1.3 billion.

Air Europa buys eight jets from Boeing for $1.3 billion.

Herbert and Marion Sandler donated $1.3 billion to the Sandler Family Supporting Foundation of San Francisco in 2006. That group on the past has “has supported asthma and malaria research, as well as research to develop a treatment for Chagas disease, an insect-borne illness found in South America.”

The Forbes list of the 400 riches people in the world cut off at $1.3 billion, which means 82 billionaires were left off the list this year.

Private investors bid $1.3 billion to buy Starrett City in Brooklyn, the nation’s largest federally subsidized housing project.