Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hanging By a Thread....0 for March/April

Phil Hughes kept the streak alive last night, giving hope to a horrendous outing by Ian later in the week.

Few have noticed that baseball history is being made by this pinstripe duo, as we have a better and better chance of covering our 11,000-1 odds bet in Vegas that, between them, they won't have more than one victory by the all star break.

I have the under, and I bet the farm. So, my retirement issues will soon be a thing of the past.

As for analyzing Phil's performance; he was better, much better, than his numbers. Firstly, he went 3.2 innings, a positive stretching out of his staying power ( he had been averaging 3.1 innings per start ). Matt DeSalvo, who has many years on Phil, is the only AAA prospect who did better for the NYY during his brief shots with the Big Club.

The best news is that the fans were stunned when that third strike passed ball ( on the mis-communication between Clemens and Andy...sorry, I mean Phil and the Stewart boy catching ) registered above 88 mph on the JUGS gun.

A lot of people are buying into the argument that Phil has no command of his FB. That is so lame. The issue is that his FB is more in the 85 mph range than the 95 we were told when the Santana trade was deep-sixed.

Last year, he fooled batters because the FB was not only slower than they were ready for, but it had no movement at all and they were expecting plenty of "jump."

Hey, time for a beer. Edwar is back in the bigs. I drove him to the Greyhound terminal last night and he should be at the Port Authority by late Sunday. Wait until you see this guy's changeup.

We are playing .500 ball and only need to win 90 of the next 100 to qualify for the wild card.


michael kei said...

Well Hughes "learned" from Moose during ST. He "learned" that slow, slower, and slowest is the way to be a MLB pitcher!

Buhner's Ghost said...

You Yanksters have deeper problems coming than the shortfall in the starting rotation. The Mariners arrive in the Bronx on Friday, marking the triumphant return of the real #13--Miguel Cairo. While still hitless in 5 PAs this season (blame management for that underutilization!), El Pavo entered the Cleveland tilt last night as a pinch runner in the ninth and promptly stole his first bag as a Mariner, leading to a key insurance run. Just a tiny hint of the devastation to come. Beware the impending wrath of El Pavo, Yanquis. There will be a #13 in the house on Friday, and he'll be ready to represent his shit.