Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Report: Cashman, Hank "On Same Page"

News hounds reported today that despite Hank Steinbrenner's slip of the lip -- in which he suggested some members of the Yankee braintrust are "idiots" -- GM Brian Cashman and Stubby are now "on the same page."

Those reports failed to answer one essential question: On the same page of what book?

Is it from the History aisle?
Was it from the Health & Fitness aisle?
How about the adorable Children's Section?

Would it be found in the Romance Department?

We suspect if one were looking for the book that Brian and Hank are on the same page of, it might be in the Comics Rack right near all the single fellas playing "WarCraft."


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of "Inherit the Wind."

michael kei said...

They usually call each other up every night and take turns reading chapters. I think Hank got his panties all bunched up when Cash read the ending.