Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Alphonso Defends Youngsters

Sitting under a Pecan tree in a Southern Mexico town, I decided it was time for someone to speak up for Phil and Ian.

According to the National Archives of baseball statistics, only one team ever started two pitchers under the age of 23 who won a game before the all star break . Ths St. Louis Browns in 1951 started Satchell Paige ( no birth certificate, but Satchell claimed he would be 23 that October ) and the great grandfather of Eddie Waitkus, who then was 14.

" Hey Edwar, can you bring over that other bottle of tequilla?"

These two young prospects went 0-11 with 7 no decisions and 4 DNPs, before combining to win a game against the Philadelphia Athletics during a rain shortened game in Schieb Park on June 29th.

" Can you cut up another lime or two? Thanks, buddy."

In any case, an 0-5 record for Phil and Ian, with a combined 9.00 ERA ( estimated; neither Edwar nor I am/are in the right " frame of mind" to do weighted average math ) is not cause for alarm.

" We are betting a season ticket to the South Mexico dirt field league , that one of these dudes will clock a win befor the all star break of 2008."

" I'll tell you what," says Edwar ( actually, a local sinorita is translating for him ), " on a cost per win basis, that is still better than Jason Giambi on a cost per RBI basis ( emphasis deleted ).

Now that I think of it, Edwar looks ready to start himself. He still has only the one pitch and, yes, he still has "location " problems. But his elbow is in great shape.

Think I'll give gronk a call.

We are wasting this guy.

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Anonymous said...

Give Edwar credit: Greatest change-up in history.

That's gotta be the reason Stubby wants Joba to move: Edwar can be the bridge to Mariano.