Monday, April 28, 2008

Rhoidsock Nation Suspects Papi

On the al Yazeera forum, the frat boys are wondering if Shrek was on the Brian McNamee butt-enhancement plan.

Check out these comments. (BTW, we at IIH-IIF-IIc encourage readers, like Republicans voting for Hillary in the Ohio primary, to join this forum and weigh in. Remember: Give yourself a Redsock name.) It gets really personal, really fast.

1. Posted by bigdl52 on Apr-26 11:25 AM:

Big Papi Steroid rumors are resurfacing....Symptoms of Steroid Withdrawal?? Knee, shoulder, joint pains...Look at Giambi.. Of course loss of power and bat speed... Papi with 54 homers in 2006 followed by shoulder pains, alleged bad knee in 2007 though Sox never acknowledged that, never did anything regarding that issue.

In 2007 huge drop in home runs...First two thirds of season had only 15 homers..but hitting over 330... Why? If the knee hurt so bad why the great average... Why did he hit 20 homers the last third to wind up with 35?? Was it because he stopped juice and or HGH, saw there was no blood test, so resumed in season enabling the better final third of season?? This year Mitchell report and Roger Clemens hearings.. Did they scare Big Papi totally off the stuff???

2. Posted by eddiehouseson on Apr-26 11:30 AM



184. Posted by markes8336 on 12:01 AM

Did I honestly just get called out by a cockroach??? LMAO

Wow, I haven't heard a challenge like that since 4th grade!

I would take him on any day, even without my trusty can of RAID - lol.....

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michael kei said...

What???? How many of these, '?', do you need to get your point across??? Huh????