Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Breaking: John McCain is only 5'7" tall

I didn't know this.

Not sure what to make of it.

Five feet, seven inches... and that's what he's reporting. He's actually probably shorter.

(If I were 5-7, I'd claim to be 5-8.)

This guy to the right is 5-7.

So is this weird pixie lady.

She looks like she would be 5-7.

This scary lady looks taller. But she isn't.

She's 5-7.

Should we worry about this?


michael kei said...

Soooo... he's 5'6"?

Wailin' Suzyn said...


I think it's a bad sign when a person -- OK, me -- starts reading an entry and thinks "Oh, good, Prince Whatshisstien has posted" and then discovers that it is somebody else's post.

Worse sign if I think it's Alphonso's report from a Mexican rainforest.