Monday, April 28, 2008

Pork and Mindy?

Follow up on Suzie's post (below.)

Yeesh. The Rocket had a 10 year affair with county singer Mindy McCready?

Here are the lyrics to her hit song, "10,000 Angels."

Speaking of the devil
Look who just walked in
He knows just where to find me
Here we go again
I can tell he's gonna ask me to dance
But that's not as far as he wants to go
I need ten thousand angels
To help me tell him no

Yeessh. Was she referring to Wally Joyner and Jim Edmonds?

It's gonna be a long year.


Anonymous said...

How long have you been waiting in your lifetime to type the line "Pork & Mindy"?

Anonymous said...

A dream come true.

If I can just find a Laverne & Surly, I'll die smiling.

michael kei said...

I think Rog is looking at that sweaty bottle of Bud Light. He's bigger than life.