Sunday, April 27, 2008

Florida Yankee Made The Cut

The super-alert Buhner's Ghost points us to an obit we would have otherwise missed. Which would have been terrible. As you'll see.

Cantor Abraham Seif, the ritual circumciser who probably separated more newborn Jewish boys from their foreskins than any other mohel in South Florida history, has died at 86.

Known far and wide as Seif the Knife -- or
Wait for it...
The Yankee Clipper -- the Polish-born Holocaust survivor learned the delicate procedure in Brooklyn after World War II.

By 1988, Seif estimated he'd done 10,000 circumcisions, yet he told The Miami Herald that he still recalled the first one.

''I fainted,'' he said. ``Everyone does.''
King Of Circumcisions Dies At 86
Miami Herald


Anonymous said...

His son Howard, also known as Seif the Knife, abbreviated both of my sons.

Anonymous said...

We could have used him as a motivational tool.

Start hitting, guys, or else.

Anonymous said...

Or else what, Dukie?

Do you still have a little hat on your wee-wee?

Never mind. I'm sure you can't even see it over your beer belly.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to dignify this sordid line of questioning with a reply.

As a point of fact, when the old and jolly masthead rises from his tidal wave-induced slumber, hearty and full of salt sea brine, I oft wish that it still possessed a minature crows nest from which Captain Munson could survey the coastal vistas.

Anonymous said...

Please wait for the mushrooms to wear off before posting ... and revealing anything about YOUR mushroom.

Wailin' Suzyn said...

Who is Tom the Bomb?!

What's a guy gotta do around here to get the interoffice memo about a hiring?

Anonymous said...

You raised the issue, Fraud.

You can whine about my wife or my dog, but never, ever, speak ill of my beergut.


Anonymous said...

Tom the bomb is apparently Super Frankenstein. Like a butterfly or tadpole (or Walter Carlos) he has morphed into something else.

Or maybe he's like Crazy Jane from the Doom Patrol (coincidentally, just read his intro to "Crawling From The Wreckage.")

And Duck-Brain, I just mentioned your beer gut and did not disparage it.

Don't mess with me, you syphilitic old coot. I can have your welfare checks stopped JUST LIKE THAT!