Monday, April 14, 2008

Bringing the High, High Heat

Today Yankees officials announced that Dr. Garrett Reisman, an astronaut at NASA, is to throw out the ceremonial first pitch from the International Space Station before Wednesday night's Red Sox game.

According to preliminary calculations, the regulation Spaulding baseball is expected to reenter the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of 16,000 m.p.h., and will arrive at the visiting team's bench sometime during the fourth inning -- on fire.


michael kei said...

Who'll be on the bench in the 4th inning? Well it'll be a toss up between the extreme gravitational pull between the shiny-bald-headed substitute third baseman, and the shiny-nearly-bald-headed 26 year old AL Rookie of Last Year.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, four players died from having their heads neatly core-drilled; and a janitor in the basement below the stands received (*cough*) free gender-change surgery,,,