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Friday, April 11, 2008

Cairo Makes Contact

Buhner's Ghost reports from Seattle on Yankee Emeritus Miguel Cairo, a.k.a. El Pavo (The Turkey):

Although the Mariners lost [yesterday], 7-0, to the [Devil] Rays, and managed only three hits, [the] game was memorable in that it marked the Seattle Mariners regular-season debut of Miguel Cairo, who pinch hit for Betancourt in the 9th inning and lined out to right-center, narrowly missing what would have been his first hit as a Mariner.

Maybe the sheer force of the blow will be enough to impress manager John MacLaren and earn Miggy more playing time. For the Mariners' sake we can only hope so:

Yankees winning percentage in games Miggy played: .615

Mariners winning percentage in games Miggy played: .000

Mariners winning percentage in 2008: .400
B. G. closed his dispatch by reminding El Pavo's fans what it's all about:
I love turkey.

I like to eat turkey.

I love country.
QUIZ! As of this season, Miggy wears Number 13! Can you name another current AL infielder who wears the same number?


I'm Bill White said...

Hmm, I know Alberto Gonzalez wears number 12...

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