Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wonder what the gentleman from Indiana is saying now?

The Hon. Dan Burton , R-Indiana, had this to say to Brian McNamee at the congressional hearing over steroids oh not so long ago:

"But Roger Clemens is a baseball -- he's a titan in baseball. And you and with all these lies, if they're not true, are destroying him and his reputation. Now how does he get his reputation back if this is not true? And how can we believe you because you've lied and lied and lied and lied?"

Oh, yeah? Burton is a baseball.


michael kei said...

I thought Clemens threw baseballs? Wait, so that's why he's a legend? He actually was/is a baseball? Are his kids baseballs? Why call him Rocket? He's a baseball!

Bostowned said...

Oh boy here goes:

- If Roger is a baseball he's wound pretty tightly (Hey-ohhh!).

- If Roger is a baseball is his wife the bat that gave me the stitches? (Zinger!!)

- If Roger is a baseball and Andy Pettite is his close friend, does it make Andy a Cricket Ball?