Friday, April 18, 2008

Mysterious "Max" revealed - and he says Canseco's a liar

According to Sports Illustrated, trainer Joseph Dion has come forward and claims to be "Max," the mysterious trainer/steroids dealer that Canseco (in his upcoming book) claims to have introduced A-Rod to.

One problem. Dion says Canseco's full of shit and a liar.

From an report: "That's really, really funny because I am the one person that hates steroids," Dion was quoted as saying. "I'm against it 100 percent. And, A-Rod, at the time that I trained him -- and this I swear to God -- was 100 percent against steroids. He was one of the hardest working guys, and most natural guy, that I've met in my life. He hated steroids. We talked about it."

Yeah, I know. Canseco's a liar? What a shocker.

And, clean or not, A-Rod still can't drive in a run in a clutch situation.

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michael kei said...

Those clutch situarions. I know all about those. They're different from a clutch situation because it's Arod. Hence situarion. He needs his own dictionary for everything. 'Cause he's Arod.
Trust me. A couple years, maybe more. We'll see the distinct difference between a clutch situation, and a clutch situarion.