Thursday, April 24, 2008

John Sterling Poem: "On Mourning an Afternoon"

On Mourning an Afternoon

By John Sterling
(Spoken tonight)

It's not nice to say this,
And I'm really ashamed of myself,
But of course,
If they had played this afternoon,
They would have played nine innings
In beautiful weather.
Anyway, they're putting the tarp on.
I mean I don't blame them,
Putting the tarp on.

And Suzyn,
Looking at it from the Yankee standpoint,
(We are Yankee broadcasters,
And the two of us have basically
Seen every game for twenty years.)
It's too bad
Because Hughes was pitching well.
I know it's only two innings
And he had a three-nothing lead.
But who knows?

April 24, 2008
Second inning


Anonymous said...

That's like poetry. I mean pottery.

Anonymous said...

I like how he mentions Suzyn by name. Very New York School.