Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pure Roger

Just after Roger "nuked" the ( then ) Devil Rays in a 4-0 win, he headed out for some family and faith music at a little Karioke bar in Fort Meyers, Florida ...or so the story goes.

Unexpectedly, he fell for a 15 year old choir girl who returned to his room for bible study.

Ten years later, the young singer is looking for a comeback ( sound familiar, Roger?) after a few bouts with drugs, alcohol, and the law.

The law? Isn't it legal to hold bible studies in your motel room with 15 year old virgins? Was her name Mary or Mindy?

In any case, Roger denies anything other than good old readings from the gospel with Mindy during the next ten years of their gatherings.

Mindy's mom backs up Roger, although she did indicate she was not actually in the room with the two of them.

Roger's wife is reportedly in Cabos with Tony Romo.
Holy cow !!


michael kei said...

Hey, a thousand years ago it was OK for a king to take a 15 year old. Rog was listening to a lot of... some Jethro Tull song...

Anonymous said...

If it was good enough for a King, it should be good enough for a Rocket.

So sayeth the good books. Particularly, so sayeth the Book of Mormon.