Thursday, April 17, 2008

George to Benny: Put in a good word for me

Statement issued today by the Right President and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Yankees Baseball Club, George Steinbrenner, in honor of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, regarding his wonderful visit to New York, our nation and indeed, the world:

"The visit by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI is wonderful for New York, our nation and indeed the world. His message of brotherhood rings loud and clear. We welcome him to Yankee Stadium with respect, reverence and enthusiasm."

Translation: I'm sorry for what I did to Bobby Meachem. Look, I rehired him. I made amends. Do what you can. OK?


Anonymous said...

Alvaro Espinosa is tanned, rested and ready. Well, 2 out of 3, anyway.

Wailin' Suzyn said...

Ex-Twin, too. Like Hawkins, Moeller, Smalley, Wynegar, Ward.