Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Chien-Ming Wang, the poem

A blast from our past, Oct. 22, 07...

(Because those who forget the past are doomed to play Giambi at 1B.)

Chien-Ming Wang, (5 innings, 12 earned runs)

Some shall wonder why Joe’s gone,
Some shall cry out, “What went wrong?”
Some will blame that insect throng,
But I’ll remember Chien-Ming Wang.

For sure, his ending was foregone
That night we watched our lead withdrawn.
And now, it hurts to say, “So long.”
And then to ponder Chien-Ming Wang.

Next summer, birds shall sing their song,
While happy children play along.
But we’ll remember who is gone,
Whenever we see Chien-Ming Wang.


Anonymous said...

And with Johan having pitched great in Mets opening day win, Chin Ming will get lit up like Paris at New Years if the Yanks play tonight.

I don't like our chances this year.

Andrew said...


I may be one of the biggest Chien-Ming Wang fans...but this poem is really quite sad.

Anonymous said...

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