Friday, July 31, 2020

Barnstorming Time

(NOTE: Due to nothing working anymore, anywhere, ever, this HoraceClarke66 composition had to be posted by Mustang, but make no mistake: Hoss is the writer.)

So, the Yanks' schedule series against the Phillies got canceled on account of the virus running rampant amongst the Marlins.  Or was it the other way around?  

Frankly, I'm having trouble keeping up.  So they went to play the Orioles, instead.


What this whole insane season suggests to me is that it's time to get back to barnstorming.  Pack up the duffel bags, and some extra bats.  Wrap a few dozen sandwiches in wax paper, and don't forget the cooler for the beer. Then get the boys on the bus and let's hit the open road, taking on all comers.

There are plenty of games to be had out there.  I hear the Troy Haymakers are eager to test their mettle.  Then there's the Fort Wayne Kekiongas and the Forest Citys, the Olympics and the Middletown Mansfields, the Elizabeth Resolutes and the Keokuk Westerns—and let's not forget the Cuban Stars, and the Monarchs, and the Bacharach Giants and the Hillsdale Daisies.  

Why, we can get all the way to Ioway before the weather starts to turn, beat it back to the city to take on the Eckfords or the Atlantic, the Excelsiors or the Niagaras, whoever the champion of Brooklyn is this year, in the Challenge Cup.  

Go into each town singing our team fight song to draw the crowd, and take on the locals for half the gate.  No need to have formal leagues or schedules which we can't maintain anymore anyway.  No need to impose meaning on any of it.

Just get out there and play whenever we can.  Wink at the pretty girls during infield, and shake hands with the mayor.  Sleep over in a cabin court, or out in the barn.  Wash the dust from our faces in a country creek, and buy some roadside corn on the way out of town.

Barnstorming.  Its time has come again.

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