Monday, July 20, 2020

Cardboard fans fail to boo Joggy Cano, and other meaningless observations from a meaningless game

It didn't seem right last night, watching Joginson Cano bat in Yankee Stadium without the sounds of booing. Without a regular season visit from Houston, we won't get to hurl obscenities at Jose Altuve until October, assuming the Astros can cheat their way into the playoffs. 

In the meantime, here's last night's meaningless box score, with the most meaningful lines of meaninglessness highlighted. 

Most meaningful line: 

DJ LeMahieu returned, reporting no physical maladies from his bout with COVID. Thank God for tests! Otherwise, he might have been one of the symptoms-less super-spreaders we hear about. Make no mistake: Testing saved the Yankees. Without robust testing, the Yanks right now might all be quarantine.

After the home run derby - Judge, Stanton, Sanchez and Voit (with the return of his adorable little hop-skip, which he dropped last fall, when starting to pull every pitch) - the best news is Jordan Montgomery.  

Next up, the Phillies, whom the Yankees will visit in games 4-7, before their July 31 home-opener against cheating Boston. (Get out the boo soundtrack, Yankees!) 

Judgement Day could be Aug. 6, when the Yanks start a four-game series in Tampa. If mask-less Florida is still notching 10,000 new COVID infections per day, the Rays' season will be dangling on a thread. Who wants to play four indoor games in a viral soup? (Note: The Yanks won't play Houston or Phoenix this year, and they only visit Miami in late September. By then, God knows where we'll be.) 

In two meaningless games, the Yankees dominated their crosstown rivals. So... what does all this meaninglessness mean? 


JM said...

Sanchez is on track for a 1 to 1 SO to HR ratio.

Anonymous said...

I watched both games. A few things...

Montgomery looks great. I forgot how much I liked the guy pre-Tommy John. Granted it is a SSS but he looked really good. Really good.

Stanton looked like Stanton. RISP fails. Low and outside flails. And, of course, a mammoth HR when it didn't really matter.

Since he won't change, we are going to have to. I no longer expect anything from this guy. So if he ever does some good thing that's OK but he is a hole in the lineup. They should move him down.

Luke Voit doesn't look as muscle bound. I thought, "uh oh" but he seemed to reach the seats just fine.

Last, the guy is hurt so often that I tend to forget how amazing Judge is when he's feeling OK.

Wrap him in bubble wrap, ban his girlfriend and hope to get 50 games out of him.

Doug K.

Alphonso said...

I agree about Stanton. He is the Yankee I dislike most....for predictable performance. He will fail when we need him, and excel when we don't. And he gets paid most of the national debt for that.

Don't overlook, my friends, the work of Jonathan Loaisiaga ( I'll never spell this one right ). He has always had " exceptional stuff," as Mr. Cone often noted. His problem has been command and control...both of which showed meaningful improvement last season ( when they played actual baseball). Last night he showed it again.

I loved Monty's work ( reminded me of Andy Pettitte ), but Loaisiaga is a hidden gem...maybe. He can " bring it."

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

9:14, Suzyn is blubbering almost crying because all she could do was wave to Joe Giardi. John tried to cheer her up by announcing the attendance. It was cute. They should finally get married.

Anonymous said...

once again the Yankees fail to hit with RISP. Two runs. Two homers. Yesterday same thing. all on homers.

Doug K.

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