Tuesday, July 28, 2020

New Rules....

So we are seeing the chess match unfold.

The Marlins will not play anyone until Sunday, at the earliest.

The Phillies vs Yankees series will not occur, either in Philadelphia or New York.  

The president will not throw out a ball ( or anything else )at Yankee stadium when, and if, the Yankees play a game there. 

Phillies get to play on Friday, at the earliest ( opponent, to be determined ).

So the way this now all plays out is as follows;

Whichever team has the most completed games at the end of the sixty game season. gets an automatic playoff bid.  Wins and losses, notwithstanding.  It is played and completed games that now matter.

If no other team is within 10 completed games of the lead team, the leader is declared the World Champion.

Wins and losses are important only if......well, we can work that out when the time comes.

The thing to watch today...and you can bet on this in Vegas ....is which four teams will next be subject to the 5-7 day hiatus and re-scheduling?  I have Detroit, San Diego and the under.

I finished another bottle of Jack Daniels at 10:23 am, today.  ( pacific coast time ). 

Next Jack up !

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smurfy said...

if you're relaxed after Jacking it up, Alphonso, the Yankees are playing Baltimore instead of Philly - I don't mind, how 'bout, you, Mr. Torres?