Friday, July 17, 2020

Plague Theater: Let's relive one of the greatest Yankee-Redsock battles of all-time

What a moment. Don't we all remember where we were when watching it?


13bit said...

At the time of this incident, I was shoveling coal in the engine room of the Death Star, ready to give my all for the Yankees.

After my furlough, I lost those feelings of loyalty and now are content to read about virtual baseball while I eagerly await the virtual baseball video game.

Stang said...

I was in an Irish-presenting bar in Seattle, decked out in my Yankee jersey, only to discover that it was a Redsocks bar. It being Seattle, the few patrons just tried to pretend I wasn't there, and no one poisoned my drink. After The Incident, they got very quiet for the rest of the game. I grandly exited on a cloud of moral superiority, an image I'm sure they remember and think about to this very day.

Stang said...

It looks like Domingo German just retired from baseball on Instagram. “Everybody writes their own story with two sides. I believe I wrote mine at Yankee Stadium. If I choose not to come back I will be proud for my hard work in 11 years of career. May God bless everybody that supported me.”

Anonymous said...

Jomboy's narration is great!

HoraceClarke66 said...

The hilarious part was Manny freaking out on a ball that was nowhere near him. A really bad day for Pedro. Not so much the thing with Zimmer, who did charge him, as his realizing he had nothing, and throwing at people.

I call it his "No mas" moment.

The fight in the bullpen, when their staff attacked our players—if that had happened the other way around, it would have been declared a war crime. There would have been Congressional hearings.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Agree on the bullpen incident, HC66.

I'd write more but that incident pisses me off more than is healthy. Like the incident where Gary Sheffield got punched by a fucking RS fan while chasing a fly ball, the Jeff Nelson/Karim Garcia bullpen incident points to all that is wrong with Red Sox "Nation".


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