Monday, July 27, 2020

Following's lead, here are 30 first impressions of the new baseball season

Well, since this is the lead story on the site -- instead of those silly little coronavirus postponements -- I figured I'd give my own top 30 first impressions of the season.

Impressions No. 1 to 29: This season will never make it to the midpoint. Hell, it might not make it to the weekend. It was a bad idea pushed solely for TV money so Hal and his cronies wouldn't have to lease out their private jets for a couple weeks to raise some cash.

Impression No. 30: Wow, Giancarlo Stanton is off to a great start!! He looks like his old MVP self!!


Anonymous said...

Certainly, tanking the season would probably have been safer for the players and team staff. But I do think MLB's decision to try to play this year was the right move.

For one thing, we don't know when, or if, there will ever be a vaccine for this virus. We've never been able to develop a vaccine for HIV, remember. So if this year is tanked, what happens next year, or the year after that? Ten years from now?

Point two, everyone has to deal with some level of risk, unless he is a quarantined prepper with ten years worth of supplies in a sealed bunker with plumbing, sewer and electricity. We're all taking a risk every time we go to the supermarket for necessities. Which brings up an astute observation that someone on this blog made recently, that even if there was no baseball at all, wouldn't the players still be at risk, depending on their lifestyle choices?

We're all playing with the hand that we're dealt. Some have higher risk and some have lower risk. I don't think that the risk that baseball players are taking is higher than most other folks doing their jobs or shopping for necessities. I hope they'll be smart and try to keep their distance as much as possible, and wear masks, and use hand sanitizer.

The Hammer of God

The Joe Rogan Experience said...
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JM said...

Ham...may I call you Ham?...everything you say is true. I still think playing was a dumb idea from a health standpoint, but I have enjoyed listening to the three games so far.

Anonymous said...

@ JM Certainly, you can call me Ham, I don't mind.

A lot of posters here seem to think that it was a dumb idea. I seem to be in the minority here. But how would you square a decision to tank the season with all the other people who are working? After all, for the players and coaches, this is their work.

The Hammer of God

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