Sunday, July 19, 2020

German clarifies his position

"To my teammates, the Yankees organization, and our fans, I am very sorry for the unsettling post last night. This past year has been very tough for my family and myself, for which I take full responsibility. Not being with my teammates while they get ready for the season, knowing I have let them down, has taken a toll on me and last night I let my emotions get the best of me. Baseball is my life and I promise I'm not walking away."

I'm glad he'll be back on the mound someday, but this kid needs a good shrink. And he'll never go to one unless the management makes him. And the management will never make him.

Just guessing.


TheWinWarblist said...

His agent should take on that role.

Anonymous said...

I suspect his English is in no way as good as what was written there. Surely his handlers got a hold of him for some damage control.

Retiring in the middle of a suspension would only delay that punishment until he unretires. He'd have to wait a few years before he could go elsewhere as the Yanks still technically own him. I'm not even certain he could play in another country without the MLB putting some pressure on them and the Yanks protesting about it. The only smart thing to do was just wait it out.

I'm thinking that he just wanted get out of some upcoming anger management classes that they force him to do while on this punishment. Or perhaps he somehow thought this would be a loophole to get out of the mess and play elsewhere. Or more than likely he just wasn't thinking at all and drunk posted some non-sense.

JM said...

I'll take the drunk post option.

Anonymous said...

It was just a depressed, soul searching post, I'm sure. He needs a good shrink and anger management classes, I agree.

The Hammer of God

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