Friday, July 24, 2020

Making Opening Day Not Great Again

Having already ripped the country asunder, kowtowing to the Russkies and ignoring, then gaslighting the pandemic, the fetid orange splotch from Queens has set his sights on ruining another aspect of this great country, Opening Day at Yankee Stadium.

Better, he should have done so at Shitty Citi Field in the appropriately-named Flushing, but that curly-headed yutz, Randy Levine arose from his tomb and foisted this horror upon us.

Yes, Mo might be there, too, though he gets a lifetime pass, right? But the current regime should have known better. Hank certainly would have prevailed as the Voice of Reason here, much like myself now.

I'm going back to my condo in Boca now.  Go Yankees!


Unknown said...

Fuck that! No trumpy at the stadium and get rid of the odious Levine!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Lucky for Mango Mussolini there won't be a crowd because I do not think for a minute anyone who cheer him!! I hope he falls and breaks a hip and his thumbs so he can't text. I can think of worse things to do to him but I don't wish to have the feds on my ass. :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Actually it will be much worse than you think. If the game is on Fox they will use their fake crowd tek to fill the stadium with cheering fans.

(Even though real NYY fans would boo him out of the stadium)

Trump will then use the video to prove that NYers love him. More people than have ever seen a ballgame! He will then adapt the tech and never have an empty rally again.

Doug K.

rap said...
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Barbara Ganouche said...

Incredibly tone-deaf. Most owners ARE repubs but they at least have sense enough not to get any of Fucko's stench on their team. Sad, bigly!

Thurm29 said...

This is unforgivable. And no pass for Mo. Is he complicit? Is he a willing tool? Is it possible he doesn’t understand how awful this abomination of a person is? Does he think his God is okay with any of this? Hypocrite.

JM said...

Mo came down a long way in my respect-o-meter, shilling with the guy on the White House lawn.

And he's a man of the cloth.


HoraceClarke66 said...

The Great One gets a pass, in my book. The wisdom of most ballplayers is nonexistent about ten feet from a ballfield, but Mariano is special.

I would gladly sign on to any moratorium, though, on liberal actors and right-wing athletes shutting up about any public issue.

Unknown said...

All right, Mo gets ONE pass. I wouldn't push my luck. 5 championships only gets you so far. Will boycott YES Network game on that day. First pitch my ass.

ranger_lp said...

Trump will have the greatest standing ovation in the history of standing ovations...he'll say that too...SMH

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Gazing into my crystal ball, I predict the following:

Trump will take the mound.

Players will be seen in both dugouts with their arms folded across their chests, defensive, knowing they're on camera. The bursts of their bubble gum bubbles will be aggressive, like those of men who know there's about to be a big fight.

The camera will move back to Trump.

Just before he delivers, Trump will get the yips. He will hold on to the ball too long and will throw it into the home dugout. Sanchez will not be able to waddle over to it to make any kind of defensive save.

Someone will in the dugout will throw the ball to Sanchez and he'll walk from the 1st base line to the mound to pose for a pure american cheese photo with Trump.

Trump will later proclaim it to have been a beautiful pitch and the first pitch thrown by a sitting president in Yankee Stadium.

When it's pointed out that this isn't true, he'll say that the person making the claim is being disrespectful and very fake.

Randy Levine will be shown throughout with a sheepish grin that makes him look like he needs to go #1.

Your heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

What he said.

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