Friday, July 26, 2013


New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez Wastebasket - Shop
Officially licensed metal wastebasket.  Origin:  China.


Stang said...


KD said...

Just back from the Bronx and you won't find anything like this for sale in any of the in-Stadium stores. No A-Rod tee shirts, no A-Rod posters, photos, bobbleheads, whatever.(But you can buy a Youk shirt if you want such a thing.)

And get this: went into the Steiner store and even his autographed ball is gone! an empty spot is all that is left. Nothing A-Rod even in Steiner.

A-Rod has been purged. And the Yanks say they want him back as soon as possible. Anyone believe that bullshit?

SanJoseKid said...

Alex Rodriguez is gone, airbrushed from history like Stalin's perceived enemies, but Youkilis is there? That's just fundamentally wrong. The Yankees need new owners. Let's collectivize the Yankees! Crush the capitalists! Just imagine a NY Yankees ballclub owned by the fans, by US, free from predatory and parasitical capitalism.