Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This one hit was brought to you by The Sunoco Free Fuel 5000; by clean, safe Indian Point Energy; and by Reynolds Wrap

(El Duque and Alphonso are both traveling this week, to the sure disappointment of you dozens who derive some mysterious benefit from daily mewling about the Yankees. In my friends' absence, I rededicate this blog to its rightful subject: The Voice, John Sterling.)

"Get the decal, get spotted, and win!"  

John went right to the Sunoco Free Fuel 5000 copy as Lyle Overbay's fifth-inning single broke up Yu Darvish's newest DomiNoNo attempt. That same hit came in handy two innings later when John had to pull something out of his ass for the clean, safe Indian Point Power Report. As I write this, we're about to relive the shutout loss--and that hit--on John's postgame Reynolds Wrap-Up Show. Did I miss some further exploitation of Lyle-love-it's futile single? Are we trapped in the era of the slight Yankee hit that props up three heavy sponsors? There oughtta be a stat.


KD said...

This little stint in rehab will do duque and Alphonso wonders. How long 'till they dry out? to avoid a relapse, it'll probably be best for them to avoid Yankee baseball for the next couple of months.

Gordon Gecko and the Steinbuggers said...

Greed is good!