Saturday, July 6, 2013

We are at peak foliage: Best day of the year to be a Yankee fan

A walk-off win over Buck Showalter's robot pugs, who crushed us last week.

A masterpiece by Ivan Nova, whom we'd nearly forgotten.

A Gatorade bath for Vernon Wells, still the only RH power "threat" in our lineup.

A clutch hit by David Adams, fighting through his first slump. (As Brett Gardner did.)

Another blown save by Baltimore's closer, who is not named Mariano.

And the bowel movements - ahh, yes, we are moving! - throughout our system.

Today, Derek Jeter is captain of the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Railriders. (Technically, if you're captain of the Yankees, that makes you captain of the entire farm system; you can order players to run to the store for a pack of Camels, and they have to do it.) That's a two hour drive to the stadium.

Today, Eduardo Nunez is rising from yesterday's 3 for 3 game in Trenton. He's on his way.

Today, A-Rod plays in Tampa, Michael Pineda will start at Double A, and somewhere, between charity events, the Grandyman will bathe his broken pinkie in warm milk.

Listen: None of us thinks the '13 Yankees will win it all. Too many holes, aging rock stars and brittle bones. Come October, we'll be ranting about Kim and Kanye's appearance on Hillbilly Handfishin.' 

But a key to life is the ability to realize when the gravy is good.

Today is a great morning to be a Yankee fan. Hear those birds? They're tweeting, paulyoneill, paulyoneill! That truck barging along the road is rumbling mariano, mariano...

By tonight, somebody could be in a cast, and that evil troll Showalter could be grinning again.

But not now.

The sun is shining, folks. It's a Yankee sun. Enjoy the burn.


manx said...

Pineda will be starting for the Scranton WilkesBarre Railriders. You can catch the game and see my watching from behind home plate on MyNEPAtv.

manx said...

One year ago today I was at the Stadium for Roger Waters, while the Yankees were beating the Red Sox 10-8.

el duque said...

Put up a sign and we'll try to post it.

manx said...

The traffic on I81 was typical backed up to montage mountain road, however it ain't the deegan. The lot is full, I paid the ski shop across the street for a quick getaway spot. Pineda has the bases loaded the goofball 1st basemen and rf just dropped the ball. 2-0 pigs. 13 strikes 12 balls. Pineda is out of the first.