Saturday, July 27, 2013

He's Not Coming Back

In the early morning hours, KD posted this scoop to I'm Bill White's A-Rod wastebasket entry:
Just back from the Bronx and you won't find anything like this for sale in any of the in-Stadium stores. No A-Rod tee shirts, no A-Rod posters, photos, bobbleheads, whatever. (But you can buy a Youk shirt if you want such a thing.
And get this: went into the Steiner store and even his autographed ball is gone! An empty spot is all that is left. Nothing A-Rod even in Steiner.
A-Rod has been purged. And the Yanks say they want him back as soon as possible. Anyone believe that bullshit?
This team will sell anything. Its warning to copyright pirates is sponsored by a law firm. Pitches that paint the corners are sponsored by CertaPro Painters, where painting is personal. The Yankees even sell dirt. A Steinbrenner refusing to take money for an A-Rod shirt? That's the nightmare image that jolts you awake.

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Today's birthdays: Jerry Van Dyke (82),Yahoo Serious (60), Alex Rodriguez (38).


KD said...

The only evidence that A-Rod is a Yankee are pre-season artifacts that are likely too costly to remove. a banner outside the stadium between the Hard Rock and Gate 8 (near the odious Youk banner) and a fathead-like image on some upper deck support pillars. But absolutely nothing for sale.

SanJoseKid said...

OK. So if the Joel Sherman column is correct

then the Steinbrenners are simply trying to get a little offensive fireworks, even if that means mortgaging yet more of the future? The motive? Gotta put meat in the seats. The Soriano trade is intended to take a little bit of attention away from the A-Rod debacle? If Cashman, of all people, has to remind the Steinbrenners (albeit unsuccessfully) of the imperative of building a winning team, then doesn't that indicate the Steinbrenners are simply trying to keep the franchise percolating, the TV revenues streaming in? When they DO spend money, it is for dubious stopgap measures, which is what Cashman is saying (i.e. Youkilis, Soriano). In this situation, when A-Rod plays out his suspension (if it ain't a life sentence), he goes to the Red Sox and plays for a pittance and revenge. And the Yankees continue to slide, a la 1966. The predictions in this blog seem to be coming true.

Mike said...

I'm going to say this with the caveat that I am often called a conspiracy guy, sometimes fairly: I think Alex is the guy might be the cowboy wearing the white hat in this thing. He admitted to testing positive in 2003 (before the ban, I think) and apparently hasn't tested positive for PEDs since. I'm not on the scene, don't know what's going on, but from what I can tell, that's the case (anyone who can confirm otherwise, please do). I try to look at this objectively (as if it were about some soccer player, for instance) and matching what I know of his words and his deeds, I don't see the enormous credibility gap that so many people seem to be trying to assure me is there.

I have never been an Alex Rodriguez fan, honestly. Liked that he came through in 2009, but my main memory of him still is a repetitive walk back to the dugout with that look over the shoulder after failing...but...

The time he got in Varitek's face and The Great Boston Captain didn't take his mask off doesn't go away. That he DID come through in '09 (less than four years ago!) stays with me. I guess I'm weird because I think of things like that as reasons to at least consider giving him the benefit of the doubt. I cannot remember a time he didn't run to first on a ground ball (oh, how I wish I could say that about everyone on any team-not being sarcastic about any particular local talent; I respect that from anyone). I get no sense he isn't trying to get back in the lineup. He could be lying about that, but other than spite on A-Rod's part (pushing potential debts to the Yankees's side instead of insurance by showing he can play), I can't see what he'd have to gain by it.

If you (hypothetically) were an admitted finance/budget/spreadsheet nerd and found yourself under the burden of debt which, if you could figure out how to play it well, might decrease by $80 million or so, what lengths would you go to, to make that possible? Would you be honest or would you stack the deck as best you could? Would you keep him away, hoping a lifetime ban would get you out of the noose your Dad (GMS) out you in?

I have so many more questions but I know I'm flailing against most of the tide. I do ask this, though: in this world of "cite sources, please", why in the hell do Yankees fans (and the team itself) seem so willing to make the guy disappear? A two-time MVP who suddenly becomes an untouchable. The sudden moral outrage is interesting, given the years-ago admission of the 2003-ish steroid usage and the many myriad blind eyes turned then. Sudden, late-to-the-party morality always amuses me, and I see a shit river's worth of it directed A-Rod's way right now. I'm taking his word about things until I'm convinced otherwise.

Sorry for all this junk, but I had to say it.

Alex Rodriguez 3B-DH said...

If you go to the ballgame today, try to buy A-Rod merchandise at the Stadium stores. If the vendor/salesclerk has none, ASK WHY. Let's find out what the employees have been told.

Moe Berg said...

Mustang is really stepping up to the plate in El Duque's absence. Great comment Mike

Hal Steinbrenner, Tampa entrepreneur extraordinaire said...

For sale, one day only: the A-Rod banner near Gate Eight. $3,500, cash only. Remember, fans, these A-Rod collectibles will be much sought after, like Barry Bonds' rookie card. And there are PLENTY OF SEATS AVAILABLE for today's game aginst those zany, billiards-playing Tampa Bay Rays!

Jim "Bulldog" Bouton RHP said...

Lupica's take on all this: