Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stumped For A Headline

Welcome back, Duque!

*     *    *

"This year, there's a new Yankee every day," [John Sterling] said. "I couldn't keep up with them. Fortunately, I don't have to bother with it, because they don't hit home runs."

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The Return of the Golden Thong: It happened last night...

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"If the Red Sox lose the division or a playoff spot by a game, this will be the game they remember."

*     *    *

Here's the trailer for Mr. Go 3D, an upcoming Korean movie about a ballplaying gorilla:


el duque said...

Watch the gorilla sign with Toronto and become a star. We won't even put in a bid.

KD said...

Every time I see Giambi mentioned in any story, I flash back to the time he was in his roid slump with the Yanks and the yank FO kept telling us he had a "parasite". and they're still treating us like morons even today.

Stang said...

How about the time they sold us a stadium full of "ghosts," "mystique and aura," then tore it down when the money presented itself?

Brian Cashman, General Manager, New York Yankees said...

Hey! Any one of you guys have that gorilla's phone number? Will I need a Korean interpreter? What kind of currency do they use in Korea? Quick, guys. Trade deadline is looming and I have got nothin' on the table.