Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Blown Game By MO

No one is saying a word.  It is like avoiding the "N" word for southern or northern bigots.

I am required by my contract to be blunt and honest:

That blown save ended all illusions that this team was going to be able to scratch and claw its way back into contention.

That blown save dispelled all notions that the return of Derek, Grandy, A-Rod and others would make a difference.

That blown save sent us into a tail-spin from which we will not recover.

That blown save is the metaphor for the next sixty games.

That blown save even assures that we will lose the series to the woeful Kansas City Royals.

Sorry to say.

But true.


Mariano Rivera said...

Alphonso, does this mean you are not going to give me a rocking chair?

SanJoseKid said...

The game tonight (9 July) proved you right. The blown save let the air out, many of us thinking that a sweep of the Orioles was imminent. Then Kansas City takes two consecutive games. Feels like last season's Detroit playoff series all over again. Flying high, then crashing without warning.

Rick Dempsey said...

Hey, gang! Let's dwell on that recent loss to the Orioles and recollect why we just love dem birds! (Note a handsome young Jeter looking for a fight!).


Mike said...

1997 vs. Cleveland (Alomar HR)
2011 vs. Arizona (Gonzales bloop)

Those stand out as the two big blown saves in Mariano's career. Almost 20 years; unprecedented success. And I can think of two occasions when, with the shit on the line, he didn't come through...and I bet if you ask Enrique Wilson his opinion, he'll cut my estimate by at least half.

Mariano is the best closer to have ever thrown a pitch, and to even hint at his blown save being a harbinger for this team's possible collapse is unfair, not only to him but to the lineup which takes the field behind him; they've earned the right to be called the most wretched day-to-day Yankees lineup I've ever seen...and yes, I missed a lot, but I remember Dave Revering and Henry Cotto and Joe Pasqua and I can tell you for certain (well, almost) that any group of them would CRUSH these guys, given equal pitching. Jesus; Tucker Ashford, Marshall Brant and the rest (gooood rest) of the early 80's Columbus Clippers could trounce these guys 5 out of 7. Easily. And yet the Yanks are over .500 in early July.

There's magic afoot. Hold on for the ride.

Parson Tom said...

Sadly, Alphonso is correct. Sunday's devastating loss was the critical difference between a 14-game win streak -- guaranteed -- and wallowing in the one-run muck with KC, soon to be followed by the Twinkies with revenge on their mind. There's no other way to see it.