Saturday, July 20, 2013

What If?

I'm not at the drunk fest upstate, so I have to make my own fog.  As my last manhattan disappeared into the bottom of my gullet, I had the following thoughts:

What if Mariano doesn't get another chance for a save?

What if we get swept by Boston, Texas and the Rays?

Will Cashman re-build or trade Robbie, Hughes and Almonte for a right-hand hitting Hafner?

Will Hank and Hal spend on the team, or buy more houses in Europe?

Will A-Rod actually start in Texas, despite no confirming word form the Yankees?

Was anyone....ANYONE....surprised that Derek went on the DL?

Who will be the next Yankee to get hurt?

What if Pineda never gets out of AAA?

Will we see Dellin Bettances before September?  Before he reaches his 30th birthday?

What if Granderson gets hit again, in his first at bat?

What if all three of our recent draft picks are like every other draft pick of ours?

 Where will Dante Bichette be selling cars next year, and what make?

Does Cashman have another girlfriend?  Or boyfriend, for that matter?

When will Girardi do a projectile vomit in a post-game press conference?

How many of us will die of old age before the Yankees win the world series again?

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Spike Lee said...

WHAT IF the Yankees move to Brooklyn?