Sunday, July 14, 2013

As We Close Out The First Half...... A Secured Message Revealing A Top Secret

Dateline: Badlands of North Dakota

Date:  Sometime between 1895 and 2013

The Author:  The LONE MUSTANG


I used to wear this mask only on all hallows eve.  That's what we called it up in the badlands where I was born and raised.

Today, I am the voice of a once great franchise in major league baseball.

But my eyes tear at what has happened to this formerly proud and revered organization.

You see, as with most all family run businesses, the second generation of owners is milking the profits for their personal aggrandizement, at the expense of the team's former glory and honored place in history.  Short-term benefits triumph over long-term vision.

Even in Mariano's last season, the Hated and Cheap Steinbrothers buy more Ferrrari's rather than players.

When I was an up and coming voice of reason, truth, justice, and the American way in the wild west, I designed this mask to complete the mystery of me, and protect my modesty.  I went into radio, so I would not be seen.  I always felt that the power to do good work is best swathed in secret garb.

Now I must do what I can to unglue the Yankee devils residing in Tampa.  Freedom is not free and Winning is not Easy.

It is time to act.  It is time that the good ( Yankees and their fans ) revolts to thwart the evil that grows around us ( Boston, Tampa, Baltimore and Toronto ).  It is time for me to speak the truth on air.  It is time for me to undress Brian Cashman and his incompetent staff of talent evaluators, and player development experts.

I will be your leader, and I shall speak the truth.

I may have to flee the states and hide in a Russian airport when I am done.

I will do this because I am the force of good.

I am Mustang.



Stang said...

I also have a Batman mask.

Pray for me.

Rex Reed said...

I think I've lost Mustang to Alphonso.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully writing isn't Mustang's day job. Unless he enjoys living in his parents basement ...

KD said...

Is Mustang the assistant in the carp fishing video?