Friday, July 12, 2013

The Lone Sterling Photo

I may be crazy, but I think it is Mustang in that photo.

The Lone Mustang.

Is it possible that, all along, it has been Mustang and Suzyn broadcasting Yankee games on radio?

Look carefully at the photo.

Yes, it's Mustang.

I'm sure of it.


Stang said...

This explains why I can't get show tunes out of my head. What a relief.

Does it mean you're Suzyn?

Alphonso said...

I don't have the Boston accent.

But this makes you a much bigger honcho than many of us knew.

Suzyn Waldman, whispering in the booth, said...

Please, Alphonso. Don't let Jayson Nix know about my secret liaisons with Mustang. Infielders are SO jealous, and Jayson always wanted to be a cartoonist.