Thursday, July 11, 2013

The trial of John and Suzyn is still raging at the Times

The Times comments section is brimming over Dan Barry's satire of John and Suzyn.:

 jb20 My favorite worst Sterling comment this season: "Did you see that?! That was an amazing play by Cano. You'll never see that again." No - I DID NOT SEE THAT - I'm listening to the radio. I have no idea what kind of play it was, why it was amazing, or even if it was actually Cano who made the play. When out out of state I always try to get the opposing team's radiocast; if not available, I am stuck with the worst broadcast team in baseball. 

Bill B Sterling is corny as anything, but I love it. I find him incredibly entertaining, and I listen to Yankees games more often than I watch them. Been doing this since my mid 20s. His homerun calls are often laughable, but what's so bad about laughing? Listening to him, I can't help but laugh and shake my head during each game, and that makes it enjoyable. I'm sure John knows how corny he is, it's all part of the act. Suzyn, on the other hand, well her voice is just grating on my ears, so I am glad John does most of the talking.

RM  First, I am a Red Sox fan. I used to hate the pompous John Sterling approach to a game, and Waldman always acted as if she was so much of an insider. However, as time went on, I grew to appreciate their presentation as a parody of a real broadcast team, and now avidly listen for the humor. Its sort of like a World Wrestling approach to broadcasting an event. The one I cannot stand is Michael Kay. No matter how bad things are going, it is as if he has some kind of data base computer to find some statistic that is very positive for the Yankees... He would have been a great propaganda announcer in 1944 Germany, spinning battlefield losses into victories.

Brendan The only thing missing from this piece is a Sterling home run call where the ball does not even reach the fence.  


Larry Craig (ex) U.S. Senator said...

When the Master says something apparently nonsensical, it’s best to search for the hidden meaning. If you remain perplexed, don’t blame John. An exclamation of “Did you see that?!” was clearly directed toward his sight-impaired listeners. He is inclusive and we love him. See you in the men’s room at the Stadium. Third stall from the left.

JM said...

I think that's Rex disguised as Larry Craig. The wide stance is a dead giveaway.

But that one comment about Michael's really unfortunate to see what happened to MK when he left the radio side for YES. On the radio, I used to enjoy his feisty, often critical take on Yankee game performance, managerial and front office moves. If I remember, there were even stories floating around that the Yankee brass told him to tone it down and get with the program, which he didn't.

So when he went to YES, and became the straight man to Singleton, Cone and O'Neill--always meekly asking opinions of the ex-players and stifling his own--and then an outright team apologist and toady...well, it was pretty disappointing. But I guess he knew how to earn a check, and saved anything more argumentative or pointed for his ESPN show.

Too bad, though. He was a good announcer early on. Then he lost weight, then he put it on, then he thumbed his nose at all the gay rumors by marrying Jodi Applegate (rrrrrrrrowl, as Bob Hope used to say). Well, we all do what we have to do to keep the money coming in.

And if he gets to do Jodi at the same time, it's hard to fault the guy.

Rex Reed said...

Yes John, that is me as Larry Craig. My stance is not only wide, but open. Very true about Michael Kay too. That marriage is bearded. I think O'Neil
knocked up Jodi via artificial insemination. And btw Alphonso is wrong about Mustang and the masked man. My Mustang is so much more the pretty boy.