Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Saw the Staten Island Baby Yankees last night take on the mighty Auburn Doubledays....

We went with Mustang and his squeeze, the lovely Big Bang, to the Leo Pinckney Field at Falcoln Park, which is a lot of title for a tiny place.  Good signage in the outfield, thanks to the State Republican party. Waitresses in the box seats, decent burgers, clean rest rooms - what more is there? 

So... If you're looking for a deep baseball scouting report, forget it. What do I know? I though Shelley Duncan would hit 400 home runs.

Still, an occasional notion bites you in the butt, so here are my bite-marks:

Our top recent draft pick, Eric Jagielo, (pictured) has some work to do at 3B. He slaughtered an easy nubber, and then nearly threw away a barehand pick. (Both teams kicked the ball around like Manchester United.) Looks better with the bat. He went two for four, thanks to a friendly official scorer. Confident. Nice swing.

The guy to watch is a masher named Yeicock Calderon. He's a right-fielder, built like a wrestler, and he hasn't even filled out yet. He went 0-4, but hit some balls on the button, and he's already hit 5 HR. This is the guy you want first off the bus. He's my Shelley Duncan for 2013.

Best hitter of the night was a LH firstbaseman by the name of Bubba Jones. He absolutely crushed a three run shot to right, then line sharply to RF - after fouling off several more shots. He was in complete control of every at bat. The only question was whether the could keep in the park. He went 3 for 5 with the HR and a double. I haven't heard much about this guy.  (He was a 7th round pick in 2011 and hasn't lit up any leagues yet.) If he keeps hitting like last night, that will change.

Lastly, a pitcher named Rookie Davis shut down Auburn quite nicely: Five innings, no runs. It's hard to gauge whether to praise the pitcher or ridicule the offense, but the guy had them failing.

And of course, there is the 2B, Derek Toadvine - best name since Slade Heathcott. Who knows?


Chuck "In the Vicinity" Knoblach 2B said...

Play Toadvine! Call him up, Girardi. Cano is too expensive for the Steinbuggers, so Toadvine is THE future. Drop a load on the Toad, Yankee fans!

manx said...

I'll be seeing them take on the Williamsport Crosscutters in a few weeks.

Rex Reed said...

i'm jealous of big bang. does he pitch or catch?