Friday, July 26, 2013

Where have you gone Catfish Hunter, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you

On the day we signed him, everything changed.
The players became free,
and the Yankees became the Yankees.


SanJoseKid said...

Hope you are getting in some R&R at WalleyWorld, El Duque. As you post these cards, and comment upon Munson's absence in the Hole of Fame, one cannot help but wonder about the collective wisdom of sports journalists (yeah, that is a touchy subject in your world, but you are on vacation). Thurman, Mattingly, Guidry and ROGER MARIS aren't in the Hole of Fame, right? It does seem they stack the deck against the Yankees, as does the umpiring corps. Have fun, and if you & Alphonso need someone to post bail, just put that request on the blog. If your bloggers don't have the money, they can blast you out of jail.

Mike said...

In the late '80s I worked in as a proofreader at a small newspaper/book publishing company. Really small; the building was about the size of a ranch house...anyway, Tom Murphy (I'm naming names; eff 'em) was a sports editor there; he'd come around the proofers' area and a few of us would talk baseball once in a while.

One day Tom Murphy came strolling in and said, "Catfish Hunter just left...he was downstairs working on a recipe book. He's a great guy." It was all I could do to keep myself from driving my right foot through Tom Murphy's balls that day.

I hope things are good wherever you are now, Cat. I wish I'd known you were there; I'd have been nervous but I'd definitely have gone over and shaken your hand...meanwhile it's thirty years later and Tom Murphy can still go eff himself.

Sorry for the personal-remembrance crap. Carry on.

KD said...

I hope duque does a post someday on favorite baseball memories.

Stang said...

Tom Murphy can kiss my ass.