Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chris Stewart Is God

Tell me he isn't.


Alphonso said...

Best play by a Yankee since Derek's plunge into the stands.

Topped by nailing the runner at second.

Could turn around the season.

Could make all our .200 hitters, .300 hitters.

Except for Travis, who must be sent home as soon as A-Rod can play, or hit, or bat, or pretend to bat.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

You blaspheme Mr. Rivera with that headline!


SanJoseKid said...

A simply amazing play, not just physically, meaning he threw a strike all the way from the backstop to right in front of the 2nd base bag, but also that he was mentally in the game and conscious that the runner might try to advance. And all that with a bunch of drunken, annoying, interfering Red Sox fans swarming around him like locusts. Nice play, Chris. Yankee fans are critical but knowledgeable. You get credit when you come through in the clutch. And thanks for posting the action shot, Mustang.

Anonymous said...

Truly phenomenal play, as when Raul so Cool hit his homers in the '12 post games, this has enshrined Stewart in my pantheon of Yankees and Yankee moments. If this was any other Yankee team, it would jump start the season,,,, so, here's hoping!!!!!

JM said...

This was a great play. A great play. So great, that Tim McCarver said he never saw a catcher make a play as good in over 50 years.

Of course, Tim McCarver is a little dotty at this point, and he often makes surrealistic and nonsensical remarks, but I think this play shocked him into cognizance.

It won't turn around the season, not with this team. But I suppose ya never know.

A-Rod to the MRI, Jeter to the DL, both having quad problems. What old guys get when they try to play before they're in shape to play.

Here's hoping Alphonso was prescient when he asked about Granderson getting hit again when he comes back. I think if we can keep him off the field until his contract runs out, we might be spared a load of heartbreak. Same with Tex, sorry to say.