Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Once Kansas City passes us, it's over

Let's be honest: 2013 has gotten way too late way too early.

Still, we have way too many veteran players - (Talking to you, Mariano) - to do something rash, like trading Robbie to the Dodgers.  One 8-game winning streak would vault us back into the mix, and - well - who knows.

But Kansas City has won seven straight games, They are an improving team, an emerging power, a club full of high draft picks. We are now tied with them in the - as John Sterling says - "all-important loss column."

It's time to apply some hard reality to the 2013 season - with or without A-Rod.

If KC passes us - well, folks - it's over.  Done! Kaput! Shla-boo! Bladingus! Caca.

At that point, everything will become a mirage, a feckless attempt by the Yankees and YES to sell their $500-per-seat snake oil to tourists who aren't paying attention.

At that point, there will be too many teams above us.

And frankly, there will be too many better teams above us.

Once KC passes us... well, there's always Slade Heathcott.

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