Thursday, July 11, 2013

OverBlast !!!

The one old guy who has battled all year, and come through with the most significant big hits is Mr. Overbay.

Last night, he passed up on ball four with the bases loaded, and took a cut instead.  It landed in the left field seats and was scored a, " grand slam."

He broke the game open, which is a rarity for this team.

He has played more games than any other washed up player on the team.  His defense has saved about 20 errors from the left side of our infield, and robbed the opposition of 26 hits and numerous runs.

Basically, he has made us forget Tex.

Unfortunately, he is squeezing the last fumes out of his baseball tank but let's give him a rouse.

It will be an unforgettable season for him, particularly when he gets to play with Jeter.

It is also an unforgettable season for we, the fans.

 In the sense of torture, failure and hopelessness.

1 comment:

JM said...

We should officially change his name to Lyle √úberbay, and yes, I vacationed in Germany, what of it?

The umlaut is a pain in the ass, though. You either have to find an umlauted u and copy and paste, or I suppose you can do what the Germies do sometimes and type it as Ue, but that's nowhere near as snazzy.

Meanwhile, reports are saying that Jeter is going to be activated today and headed for the Stadium. It'll be good to hear Bob Sheppard again. This new guy is pretty generic.